Live Entertainment

AWF May 2018

      Date: 19/05/18 Electro-Voice Design Quintessence Global Truss Optical AcousticsAWF (Australasian Wrestling Federation) Last weekend Osmond Electronics supplied effect~practical lighting, sound, staging, and drape needs for the Australian Wrestling Federation (AWF) Wrestling Supershow! Read more…

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Gluttony 2018

    This year at Gluttony and other Fringe venues, Osmond Electronics was a major supplier of lighting, truss work, and site power means. The festivals lighting needs ranged from variable and fixed Pacific: Zoom-spots, Read more…

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Sports Days 2018

  On Friday the 9th of March, Osmond Electronics supplied temporary PA system solutions for multiple School Sports Days across South Australia. With our beloved weatherproof EV SX300, we achieve harnessing the voice of the announcer Read more…

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