In 2018, the festival celebrates 39 years of Greek community involvement and celebration at the Semaphore foreshore. One of the premier Greek cultural festivals in Australia, this is also now one of the largest of its kind in Australia. The festival showcases and celebrates Greek culture and heritage within South Australia’s broader multicultural context.

The Semaphore Greek Community had the vision for the festival, but needed to tie it all together with a public address system as well as to cater for the soloist and duos right through to big bands; we fulfilled the requirement of a front of house sound system, fold back monitors, mixing desks and instrument/vocal microphones.

Additional stage lighting was supplied such as various LED light fixtures which all complimented the stage set up and enhanced the chaotic yet beautiful life of the Greek dance floor.

Aware of the forces of nature, we prepared for the inevitable rain shower with heat shrink wrap that protected speakers from directional rain; that also delayed crucial rehearsals and sound checks. Regardless we managed to pull through with the EV-X Array system that adamantly performed throughout the whole two days. We decided to incorporate a contemporary sound system of the EV-X Array because we knew for a fact that the high coastal winds would of tarnished the sound quality of a Line Array.

It is this community and family spirit that underpins the essence of this festival, Osmond Electronics is more than thrilled to be apart of such a community and aimed from the very beginning to enhance this notion.

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