Date: 02-03/02/2018. In cooperation with Apollo Lighting Electrical Service (Apollo) 
Osmond Electronics Pty. Ltd. (OE) was assigned the responsibility of delivering a PA system, practical and effect lighting, as well as supplying and maintaining electricity to the whole of the Inaugural Espresso Martini Festival, which included: food and beverages stalls, merchandise tent, first aid station, and the VIP area situated on an isolated island. 
OE subcontracted Apollo, the experts of site power supply, to assure that this essential objective was not only fulfilled on time but to all requirements of the Electrical Installation Standard of Shows and Carnivals in Australia and New Zealand™. Two 125KVA generators were supplied by Aggreko through Apollo, who also provided their expertise in preparing the festival for its two day power consumption. 
OE also supplied over two hundred meters of cable tray to allow clear designated walking areas where it would otherwise prove hazardous. 
The PA system was none other than the EV X-Array System with matching EV monitors that catered for all of the stage over the two day period as well as a Midas mixing desk and vast array of instrument and vocal microphones.  
Practical lighting via our LED Floodlights allowed for the venue’s essential areas to be illuminated at the cost of minimal power consumption; positioned atop of 4-6m Tower Lifters. With strategic positioning, we were able to cover the venue without oversupplying unnecessary fixtures. Ultimately we were able to achieve more with less power usage and less luminaire fixtures. 
On stage we utilised LED Parcans to give atmosphere to the performer. At the control of a lighting desk enabled the operator to variate hue. This set up offered an endless array of colour scenes to be implemented at our disposal. 
Beyond the stage, underneath the pavilion; we utilised four Honeycomb Washes that not only illuminated the darkened area at night but also gave it ambient light in retrospect to the fun atmosphere of the festival. With these four washers we were able to cover the complete 25m width of the pavilion. 
OE and Apollo had the challenge in powering the isolated VIP island for ambient lighting via Festoons and a sound system for a dedicated dance floor; via three phase connection we were able to connect this part of the venue to the closest generator. We could thank none other than our Evolve 50 Portable Column Speaker and Subwoofer as our go to solution for a quality sound system in such an isolated area. With a pair of Evolve 50’s, we were able to give the respected DJ’s headroom to push and easily control the system in accordance what was needed, whether it was background music to a dedicated DJ track.
Rymill Park itself is an isolated venue with limited means of power. With the assistance of Apollo we were able to power the event allowing OE to create a memorable experience for all who attended as well as everyone involved. Social cohesion was of the essence here. Ultimately, we were able to cooperate with other respected businesses to supply and manage power. 
Our lighting and sound branches were able to fit out a live stage, as well as all practical and effect lighting to allow for cohesiveness and expression. From the very beginning we acted towards creating an unforgettable, yet seamless experience for operators, performers and patrons, and we feel we have achieved this at cost effective means. 
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