Date: 03/02/2018

This year marked the revival of the Unley Greek Festival. “The traditional and award-winning Festival” under the plane trees of Oxford Terrace. An unforgettable evening of Greek food, drink and dance. Osmond Electronics (OE) was assigned the responsibility of delivering a PA system, practical and effect lighting for the whole festival. 

No less than two hours of our arrival had we already rehearsed a sound check with the respected performing artists. The PA system we chose to utilise was the EV Double Phoenix System – Dual Subwoofers and Dual speakers. This system catered perfectly to enhance the passion of the Unley Greek community where Greek music of various genres continued to unveil throughout the whole night, all controlled by our Midas M32 Sound Desk.

OE also supplied over fifty meters of cable tray to allow clear designated walking areas where it would otherwise prove hazardous. 

Our catalogue of practical and effect lighting not only further increased cohesive function amongst the volunteers but also brought a sense of atmosphere underneath the thick foliage of Oxford Terrace. Our vast inventory of LED fluorescent lights and LED Flood lights provided an economical solution towards keeping word stations illuminated when day ceased. 

Our 2.5m winch up trees of LED Parcans either side of the stage brought a sense of eye candy to the singers from an audience perspective. 

OE provided the Unley Greek Festival with gear that took the worry off their shoulders in regards to audio visual effects. Organising a festival amongst a crowd base of volunteers is no easy feat, in assisting Unley to fulfil their vision was a great pleasure for us as a company to support community events that bring people together in harmonious ceremony. 

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