The Greek Festival of Norwood was held on Saturday the 10th of February, 2018. An Adelaide Greek band (Zeus) accompanied by local musicians prepared a superb festival program of live entertainment; the volunteers and the ladies auxiliary prepared gluttonous amounts of greek food. This year marks the 8th consecutive time the Norwood Greek community have hosted their annual Greek festival. Osmond Electronics has been and will continue to be a major sponsor of the Norwood Greek Festival.

This year we supplied over three hundred and fifty metres of festoons (both LED and traditional). Our Chauvet colour changing LED Festoons decorated the set up of the stage as it wrapped around its perimeter. Where as our traditional Festoons covered the whole area of the festival, ultimately the use of these Festoons glorified the vibe of the night.  

Our Truss Towers were mounted with Mitsubishi 6000 Lumen projectors, their sole purpose to cut through the stray light of the festival’s environment to showcase video clips of the motherland in its full glory.

Our PA system included the EV Double Phoenix system and all necessary audio essentials i.e. fold backs, lapels, wireless microphones etc. Complimenting this set up was our use of stage drapes and LED interchangeable Red Green Blue White Multipars. 

Our use of ProShop’s LED Honeycomb light allowed us to paint the side of the church as well as its’ two bell towers. Since the church itself is a white canvas, these light fixtures were most effective as the light was able to be spread across whole areas of the selected area without losing too much of its prowess.

We also provided the means of this event to be live streamed via the local Greek community station: “Radio ENA”.

In conclusion, the atmosphere was unreal towards the end of the night, the Greek dance floor hit its maximum capacity, people had no choice but to continue dancing beyond the dedicated floor.

Unfortunately due to the limitations of the event being held in a residential area, the event had to close at 12:00 am, if we hadn’t pulled the plug it would be foreseeable that the festival would have gone on for many more hours. Each year it seems the festival is getting bigger and better, and we as a company are thrilled to have been part of this festival from the very beginning. To see it grow from its first year to now has been something very special. We look forward to many more years of its progress.

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