On Tuesday the 13th of February an Adelaide fashion label launched its Winter collection in the Burnside Ballroom. 

Osmond Electronics had the duty of delivering and operating two pairs of public address systems.  Our downstairs PA system consisted of the Evolve 50 Speaker and Subwoofer; we chose to use this as our primary PA system as it suited the corporate environment adamantly, its sleek structure was suitable to be situated either side of the label name where it remained noticeable yet not distracting. Our upstairs PA system consisted of the new line of EV ELX200-15P Powered Loud Speaker to address the audience situated above. 

In order to illuminate the audience and the runway with warm ambient light, we utilised Truss Towers with mounted Tungsten Multipars. A White Truss Scrim Sock, allowed us to conceal the aluminium webbing on each individual tower and illuminate these fixtures from the inside with our LED PAR 36ers. 

Our use of two Selecon Profile Fixtures provided great throwing distance and beam control to capture the entry and exit points for the models. 

Utilising our own means of lighting we were able to replace the permanent lighting fixtures of the Burnside Ballroom, and give it a whole new atmosphere most suitable to the client’s vision. 

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