This year at Gluttony and other Fringe venues, Osmond Electronics was a major supplier of lighting, truss work, and site power means. 

The festivals lighting needs ranged from variable and fixed Pacific: Zoom-spots, profiles, ETC Source 4’s, as well as with it all their accessories such as barn doors, safety chains, hook clamps and colour frames; also supplied were fresnel lights, flood lights, and dimmers. 

We are proud to boast of our acquired gel collection, in fact: South Australia’s biggest gel collection varying from Lee filters to other respected brands provided the event organisers the artistic licence to create their specific vibes and atmospheres throughout the whole festival. 

Truss work for the Flamingo tent was utilised to allow a place for light fixtures to be hung from, it also served as a platform for trapeze artists to perform. Our beloved DQ F34 Truss of varying lengths fulfilled this endeavour. 

Our extensive collection wieland cables provided means of power for our equipment. 

Osmond Electronics provided hundreds of lighting fixtures spread Gluttony’s 12 venues, swell as all of it necessities, including truss work over the course of the month long festival. 

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