Date: 29-30/03/2018.

Osmond Electronics Pty. Ltd. (OE) delivered a concert system, effect lighting, as well as supplying and maintaining electricity to the main stage for the 2018 Blenheim Music and Camping Festival. 

Our EV Line Array XLC-DVX 3 way box 6 subwoofers QRX 18” was controlled by our main desk, the Midas Pro6 with DL 371, DL 431, and DL 451 as FOH. We utilised scaffolds either side of stage to raise each line array to its required height. Matching EV monitors catered for all of the stage over the two day period through the implication of the Midas M32 desk. 

Effect lighting consisted of Martin Mac 700s and Martin Mac 101s and various other eye candy for the main stage, all controlled by our Martin M1 lighting desk. 

OE also supplied necessary cable tray to allow clear designated walking areas where it would otherwise prove hazardous.


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