We have the skills and understanding of how to turn your space into a intimate theatre environment.


Theatrical stage drapes can be an essential element of any stage production. At Osmond's we work with you to ensure that the measuring process, choice of style and selection of materials are accurate and appropriate for your particular circumstance.

At Osmond's we have the understanding to turn your space whether a gym, school auditorium, community theatre or a convention centre into a intimate theatre environment. Not just the visually aspect - but also how it acoustically improves the space.

On stage there are several different drapes. The front drape, (also called a grand drape, house curtain or main drape) which hangs upstage of the proscenium arch, is usually made from heavyweight material as its purpose is to hide the stage and muffle sounds. Often there is a border or valence of the same colour just in front of the main drape.

Depending on the size of the stage there may also be a series of legs, borders and intermediate drapes. Legs are narrow vertical panels on each side of the stage that obscure portions of the stage, while borders are horizontal panels above the stage to mask lighting, tracks and pipes. Usually there is a backdrop curtain at the rear of the stage as well as a cyclorama.


Curtain Fullness
Curtains can be sewn flat (0% fullness) with panels of fabric sewn edge to edge, or sewn gathered (with fullness). Pleating gives the curtain depth and allows the curtain to absorb more light.

100% fullness indicates the curtain has been manufactured with twice as much fabric as the finished width.

50% fullness indicates the curtain has been manufactured from 1.5 times as much fabric as the finished width.

0% Fullness indicates that the curtain is completely - no pleats.


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