Dynacord’s VA (Verical Array) Series

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TS 400

Vertical pattern control is a requirement for highest sound quality and speech intelligibility, especially in difficult acoustic spaces. The TS 400 was designed to provide a very even and smooth coverage over a very wide bandwidth by using spaced and filtered woofers as array elements. The 2.5 way design places elements at the ends of the column for maximum distance to lower the effective controlled frequency. The MF-elements and the HF-element are placed in the middle of the cabinet for a smooth transition of the mids to the HF and to extend the coverage control. Each group of elements has its own bandpass filter to optimize the array’s performance to provide good attenuation at 90° off-axis and evenly cover the audience area front to rear with half the rate of attenuation of a non “steered” cluster.

The TS 400 is equipped with 4 x 6,5” DND 6130-16 Neodymium woofers and one Electro-Voice DH3 compression driver coupled with a 90° by 40° constant directivity horn providing very high SPL and excellent coverage. Power handling is 600W RMS / 2.400W peak.
Separate protection circuits for the LF-, MF- and HF-elements are used to protect all transducers at the highest power levels. The TS 400 enclosure is aluminum for a very robust but lightweight design with a look that fits any environment.

TA-TS400 tilt adaptor can be used to precisely aim the system for optimum audience coverage.

The optional mounting bracket WMK-25 allows for wall-mount applications with up to 30° of tilt.

The optional carrying bag CB-TS400 is the ideal accessory for easy, protected transportation of the TS 400.



PSD215 and PSD 218 powered subwoofers

The PSD 215 and PSD 218 are high-performance powered subwoofers designed to simplify creating active 2-way systems. They use an integrated 2-channel digital power amplifier with internal 24-bit 1-in-3 DSP controller to optimize the sound quality and protect the subwoofer and full range system used with it. Examples for such systems are combinations of PSD subwoofers with full-range D-Lite, Corus and VariLine and the new TS 400 array cabinet.

Both models are vented direct-radiators exhibiting outstanding transient response and capable of delivering very high sound pressure levels. The enclosures are made from well braced 18 mm Baltic birch plywood with a protective coating capable of withstanding the rigors of use on the road. Recessed handles are ergonomically shaped to ensure easy transportation and setting-up – tasks further facilitated by the tour grade castors. A recessed stand adaptor with an M20 thread is provided on the top of the enclosure for the pole-mounting of full-range systems. The horizontal format of the enclsoure allows placement beneath the stage or provides an exceptionally stable base for pole-mount speakers.

The PSD 215 is equipped with a 15″ Electro-Voice DVX3159 woofer specially developed for use in compact subwoofers it sets a new standard for minimum size and maximum acoustic output. While maintaining impressive deep bass high sound pressure levels.
The PSD 218 with an 18″ Electro-Voice DVX3180 long-excursion woofer delivers the performance demanded of 18″ subwoofers in professional concert sound applications. It produces extended low frequency response from a compact enclosure with plenty of punch.

Both models use a highly efficient Class D technology amplifier a microprocessor-controlled switched-mode power supply to deliver 2 x 1,000 watts RMS into 4 ohms for highest quality audio performance All DYNACORD power amplifiers are capable of withstanding the most extreme rigors of touring, they are protected against overheating, overload, short circuit, back EMF and open-circuit operation as well as HF or DC at the output. Thermal stability is assured by an extremely quiet continuously variable speed fan. The units are also equipped with intelligent thermal limiters that track voice coil operating temperature that allow maximum output without failure. being any noticeable reduction in loudness. PROTECT and LIMIT LEDs indicate the current operating status of the power amplifiers.

The integrated 24-bit digital controller with internal 48-bit double-precision resolution exhibits a 1-into-3 topology: SUB channel, TOP channel and an additional DSP Out.

The stored factory presets are optimized for combinations with TS 400, Corus 12″ and 15″, CXM 15, D-Lite 12.3 and 15.3, as well as VariLine full-range cabinets and generic presets for other combinations and special programs for cardioid and bass arrays are also provided. The system-/alignment-delay, the polarity and naturally also the level can be edited by the user. The input EQ, the settings of which can be saved, allows adjustments to be made for the acoustics of the room. The DSP Out also offers an adjustable delay, low-cut and shelving equalizer as well as a level control. It is therefore ideally adapted, among other things, to the use of an active delay box. Signal generators with pink noise or spike pulses are integrated to facilitate tuning the PA and the setting of delay times. In all, 25 program locations are provided (20 factory presets + 5 user memories). All three channels are equipped with state-of-the-art look-ahead peak anticipation limiters, the SUB channel also has a temp limiter.




PSD 215 and PSD 18 non powered versions

The PSE 215 and PSE 218 are the non powered versions of the PSD subs, share the same dimensions, transducer configurations, and the acoustic characteristics allowing them to be used with PSD 215 and PSD 218 without additional amplifiers when greater SPL is required.
The PSE 215 and 218 may also be used as a subwoofer in any other active system combination.


Available June / July


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