Glaciator X-Stream

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Heavy Fog without the need for Dry Ice or CO2 


There’s no doubt about it! A stage covered with a blanket of white, dense low lying fog is a dramatic and classical theatrical effect. However, when touring the effect is all too often edited from productions because dry ice is too difficult to source, impossible to store and very messy to use, requiring gallons of boiling water to activate the fog effect. There is another problem as well – dry ice isn’t dry. Performers often have to contend with wet and slippery stages.

The Glaciator X-Stream houses a remarkably powerful compressor, allowing colossal fog output levels. And because of its advanced, electronically controlled expansion valve, it has a rapid freeze down time and a fast recovery when fired. This means the Glaciator X-Stream runs continuously, – almost infinitely, with a cool ease.


No need for a separate fog generator – Glaciator is completely self contained!
No need for separate gas cylinders or Dewar vessels
3500W heat exchanger
1HP (34cc) compressor for max cooling
10 min heat up time
5 litre fluid capacity
80m²/min smoke output
On-board control panel
Fog and fan control
Run and delay time control
On-board 2 channels 3 pin DMX
DMX link
Internal or external fluid supply

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