Midas PRO 6 Digital Console

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Midas Pro 6 at the Bundaleer Forest 09 series of concerts with the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra

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The Pro 6 continues the tradition in digital already established with the flagship Midas XL 8 system with audio performance that has some engineers claiming that Midas digital sounds better than Midas analogue. The system is cross compatible with the XL 8 with the ability to share show files and hardware.
The Osmond’s Pro 6 is supplied with the I/O that is commonly seen with the XL 8, featuring dual DL 431 input boxes that provide a total of five output splits from a single input with dual pre-amp control providing both digital (AES50), and analogue splits. In addition the system is fitted with the DL 451 I/O box that provides remote inputs and outputs for the system in addition to a DL 451 that is built into the actual surface itself. Each DL 451 contains three module slots that allow for input and output modules to be changed and moved around within the system. The system as shipped provides the following facilities;

48 x inputs with dual pre-amp control and five way split
8 x inputs without split
8 x AES/EBU digital inputs and outputs
24 x outputs on XLR
8 x inputs on 6.5 TRS
8 x outputs on 6.5 TRS
1 x DN9331 Helix RapidE which offers direct access to all of the Pro6 graphic equalisation functions.


The system comes with two 100m Cat5E cables on drums that provides an active plus redundant multi-core system with the ability of feeding 264 channels bi-directionaly.

The system has the ability of accessing 8 full function stereo effects devices as well as up to 36 Klark Teknik DN370 / DN27 equalizer channels. In addition each input channel has the option of four different compressor modes as well as a gate. The input equalizer section also allows for the ability to change the EQ mode to replicate classic Midas equalizers of the past (Pro 40, XL 3, XL 4). On top of that each output in the console has a six band parametric across it as well as five different compressor options. The surface is equipped with two daylight viewable screens with the ability to separate the right hand side of the console as a ‘B’ area independent of the left side.

The one aspect that has attracted the most attention around the world with Midas digital is the use of population groups as a means of navigating the system, this has received significant acclaim that results in the ability to bring mix channels to the engineer quickly with all functions relating to the channel appearing on the surface at the time.

Already the Pro 6 system has created significant interest abroad with major U.K. rental companies Brittania Row and SSE have ordered six Pro 6 systems each with Clair Bros in the U.S. having their first two systems now out on the road with AC/DC on the start of their world tour.

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