New from LSC – The Redback series dimmers

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The concept behind the Redback project was to produce a feature rich, high quality and reliable dimmer in a small compact footprint at a very affordable price. After extensive development and product testing, we can confidently say we have delivered these objectives. The range is designed for mass manufacture, hence minimising labour content, increasing our economies of scale and reducing the overall build price without compromising quality. It is, undoubtedly, one of the best dimmers designed and manufactured by LSC in its 30 year history.

The Redback dimmers released last year are 6-channel units, a product range not previously manufactured by LSC. The 12-channel variants will now replace the successful ePAK and iPAK range of dimmers that have become benchmarks within the Australian Lighting Industry for the last 10 years. Note that the ePRO and iPRO dimmers will continue.

The Redback 12 channel dimmers are designed to be class leaders, and so are fully compliant with the new RDM (Remote Device Management) protocol, allowing remote configuration from any RDM compatible controller. This new functionality will also soon be available as a free software update for all existing 6-channel Redback dimmer racks.

The Redback dimmer range, like all of the LSC product range, is certified as a “Product of Australia”. This means that it is completely manufactured in Australia, NOT just assembled out of imported modules. This ensures the highest level of local content, resulting in LSC’s legendary reliability – not to mention local jobs.

Rear RB2_12A-800


Power Input

Nominal 220-240 Volts. 3-phase star. 50-60Hz
Operating range typically 190-260V, 45-65Hz.
Choice of input connectors — 2 x 32A 5-pin Clipsal style plugs and 2m 3-phase tails or – One set of 5 x 400A Powerlocks. control input
DMX512 (all versions) via Front panel-mounted 5-pin XLR in and thru connectors.
Optional wireless DMX input (W-DMX or SHoW DMX).
5-way DMX Data splitter with fully isolated (to 1500V) outputs via Front panel-mounted 5-pin XLR connectors.
LSCnet via Front panel-mounted RJ45 Ethercon in and thru connectors.


13A max per channel protected by 6kA rated thermal magnetic miniature circuit breaker (MCB).
LSC’s proprietary Current Control Technology (CCT) protects all MCBs from nuisance tripping.
Pulse Transformer Fired Dimming (PTFD) – ability to control inductive and lower powered loads.
Duty Cycle rated at 100% across all channels simultaneously at 25˚C ambient.
Three 13Amp single phase auxiliary 3-pin outputs with MCB protection.
Patch Bays have a choice of GST18 serial/parallel dimmer patch or GST18 parallel dimmer patch.
• The GST18 serial/parallel dimmer patch model provides two series dimmer (120V), two
parallel dimmer (240V) and two HotPower 3-pin sockets per channel (24 sets in total).
• The GST18 parallel dimmer patch model provides four parallel dimmer (240V) and two
HotPower 3-pin sockets per channel (24 sets in total).
Four optional socket output panels are available:
• Socapex Tail Patch comprising Eight 19-pin Socapex 6-circuit connectors hard-wired to forty-
eight 3-pin GST18 plugs and leads.
• Harting Tail Patch comprising Twelve 10-pole Harting 4-circuit connectors hard-wired to forty-
eight 3-pin GST18 plugs and leads.
• Harting Tail Patch comprising Twelve 10-pole Harting 5-circuit connectors hard-wired to sixty
3-pin GST18 plugs and leads.
• Harting Tail Patch comprising Eight 16-pole Harting 6-circuit connectors hard-wired to forty- eight 3-pin GST18 plugs and leads.


LCD touchscreen for configuration and operational display such as output levels for each channel,
error logging and reporting and whether control is from DMX512 or memory mode.
Minimum and Maximum level settings per output channel.
Full 512-channel proportional softpatch allowing any channel to be controlled from any DMX slot.
Seven dimmer curves selectable per channel.
Large Bi-Colour status LED providing system OK, error or fail indications.
Internal memory storage of up to 80 scenes.
Simple control of internal memories via LSC ePlates (button of fader models available) to allow
easy stand-alone operation by non-technical people. Ideal for trade shows or corporate events.
Remote status reporting via LSC Houston software connected to the LSCnet.


Overall flightcase dimensions—680mm wide x 780mm high x 730mm deep (inc. wheels)
Actual weight = 62kgs. Shipping weight = 84kgs
Flightcase — Hexagrip ABS clad marine ply with aluminium extrusion tongue and groove edging
fitted with heavy duty catches, lockable wheels and handles.
Internal Frame — removable corrosion resistant zinc steel, finished in black powdercoat with
rear screened durable polycarbonate labels.
peace of mind
24 month warranty on parts and labour.
Free for Life Product software updates via CodeLink Port.
100% designed and manufactured in Australia by an Australian Owned company.
CE and C Tick approved.

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