AKG WMS 450 HTC Vocal Set Condenser

Available as D 5 or C 5 version with the outstanding AKG sound
? Maximized rejection against feedback
? Improved handling noise sensibility
Spring Steel elastic wire mesh cap for safe protection of the capsule element
New rugged finish for professional applications
Easy configuration through optimized Infrared data download from receiver
Lowest operating costs: Up to 8 hours with ONE Battery (AA)
Unique Battery Status Display
Integrated Charging Contacts
Ergonomically Designed Shape
The HT 450 is a high-performance, rugged handheld transmitter for a host of applications. Many innovative features enhance both system reliability and user friendliness. An LC display indicates all important system data at a glance, including the selected frequency in MHz or as a Preset subchannel, available battery capacity in hours, a warning when battery capacity is low, as well as the current transmission mode.

Once you have set a frequency on the receiver, an infrared transmission link will feed the related data to the assigned transmitter within seconds, making the setting up of large multichannel systems child?s play.

The HT 450 handheld transmitter is available with the dynamic microphone element D 5 or the condenser microphone element C 5.

A noiseless ON-MUTE/PRG-OFF switch and status LED add to the transmitter?s user-friendliness.

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Condenser Handheld Diversity Wireless System. Incl. HT450C
handheld transmitter (C5 capsule), SR450 receiver, AC
adaptor, rack mount kit, stand adaptor, AA battery, user’s
manual and carrying case.