Dynacord Corus Pro Series SUB800a-15″ Active Subwoofer, Active 2-Way Stereo X-over

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The SUB 800 A is an active sub-woofer with a 15″ driver, active PowerMax stereo crossover and integrated power amplifier. With the SUB 800 A, full-range systems – for example those using a PowerMate or mixer- power amplifier combinations – can be extended very simply to form an active stereo 2-way system with a sub-woofer. The SUB 800 A can also be used in parallel to an existing system to provide powerful reinforcement of the low frequency range. The integrated electronic stereo 2-way crossover, which employs PowerMax technology, divides the signal into mono-sub and stereo mid/high frequency ranges. From the mid/high output terminals of the SUB 800 A in active 2-way mode, the mid/high signal is directed to the Master Return sockets of the mixer or PowerMate to be amplified. The Mono-Sub signal, summed from the L/R channels, is directed to the integrated power amp. The recessed integrated High Efficiency power amplifier is rated at 800 watts (max. continuous output power IHF-A) and features Class H circuit topology. Driven in this way, the Electro Voice 15″ DL 15 Y woofer delivers a maximum SPL of 128 dB / 1 m. Naturally the SUB 800 A is also equipped with every known type of protective circuitry including a dynamic audio limiter, TBC, Back EMF, DC, HF and short circuit as well as thermal protections and a halogen speaker protector and thermoswitch. The enclosure of the SUB 800 A is sealed with extremely durable black structural lacquer. Four large castors at the back and two recessed metal handles ensure easy and comfortable handling.