Electrovoice RE2-N7 Handheld Wireless System

? One touch Auto-ClearScan

? Finds the clearest channel in the clearest group in seconds

? Programmable in 25kHz steps across 28 MHz operating bandwidth

? 1112 possible frequencies so it will always find a clear channel

? Backlit LCD displays the Group, Channel, Frequency, transmitter battery level, diversity operation, and RF and Audio signal level meters

? Professional systems costing twice as much don?t provide this much information

? Balanced XLR audio output for Microphone or Line level signals and a 1/4 inch line level jack

? Compatible with any application

? Unique “Guitar” setting

? Turns a standard receiver/bodypack into an optimized guitar wireless system

? Unique “smart” battery

? Impossible to put the battery in wrong, great for quick changes on a dark stage

? LCD Displays Group and Channel, Frequency, or Battery Level

? All the info you need at a glance

? One On/Off button that also acts as a mute

? Great for pauses in presentations and worship services

? On/Off button can be disabled

? Prevents accidental turnoffs during a performance

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Handheld system includes: HTU2D-767a transmitter featuring the N/D 767a supercardioid dynamic element, and RE-2 diversity receiver..