Proel net 15a 600 watt active speaker

System type -2-way Bi-amplified active enclosure

Amplifier Continuous Power 500 W + 100 W bi-amp

Input Impedance LINE: 20 kohm balanced, 10 kohm unbalanced

Frequency response 50 Hz – 20 kHz
Input Sensitivity LINE: 0 dBu / 0.775 V

Maximum (peak) Output 128 dB @ 1m

Low Frequency Device 15” woofer – 3” VC

High Frequency Device 1” compression driver – 1.7” VC
Crossover Frequency 2000 Hz
Angolar coverage 90

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2-way Bi-amplified active enclosure
NET15A is the perfect solution for those who need a compact, full-range system that can reproduce the entire audio spectrum with high efficiency. Its powerful CELESTION woofer with a 3″ voice coil, in combination with a new class D, 500 W amplifier, delivers high SPL with deep and well defined bass. The LIVE/MUSIC switch, present on all the active models in the series, permits the selection between two different equalization curves adapted to recorded music reproduction or live sound reinforcement.