QSC HPR151W 15″ Powered Subwoofer


The HPR151W provides kickin’ QSC-quality low end support. 

The HPR151W rules for high-level dance music or ultimate bass and kick drum reinforcement with 700W of pure QSC power and a high-power 15″ woofer. It boasts low-frequency reproduction down to 42Hz. Flexible input signal processing and connectivity allow it to be used in small or large PA systems. It has a stereo electronic crossover and balanced line-level outputs as well as gain, low-cut filter, front LED on/off, power, and circuit breaker controls.

Each model in the HPR series features a high-power, reliable QSC power module and equally high-quality speakers. Using sophisticated signal processing each power module is carefully tailored to the speaker system for a matched fit and ultra-high-fidelity sound. HPR power modules use the same top-quality components and designs as standard QSC rackmount power amps with thick aluminum heat sinks for quiet, efficient cooling and discrete circuitry for the best performance. All HPR enclosures are constructed using marine-quality 13-ply birch and have a heavy 16-gauge perforated steel grille. A switchable grille-mounted power LED adds a distinctive touch.


  • 15″ subwoofer
  • 15″ cone low-frequency driver with 3″ voice coil
  • Discrete design power module
  • 700W to subwoofer
  • 48Hz—110kHz @ -6dB frequency response
  • 42Hz—130kHz @ -10dB frequency range
  • Gain, low-cut filter, front LED on/off, power, circuit breaker, and phase controls
  • XLR L/R inputs and outputs
  • Stereo crossover with outputs for powered satellite speakers
  • Rugged 13-ply birch enclosures
  • Tour-grade 16-gauge steel grille
  • Ergonomic handles with comfortable, non-slip grip
  • Top-mounted pole sockets accommodate 35mm or 38mm mount