Two New Electrovoice Line Array Systems Just Added

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20 CABINETS Electrovoice XLD 281

{The XLD 281 is the core element for constructing X-Line Very Compact systems. The XLD281 is a 3–way design using CCT™ (Coverage Control Technology) to control horizontal coverage to 250Hz.
It uses a 8″ neodymium LF transducer, a 8″ neodymium LF/MB transducer, and two neodymium 2″ voice coil compression drivers combining through 2 hydra plane wave generators into a 120° x 10° waveguide. CCT uses both 8″ transducers to provide maximum low frequency output and operating bandwidth while controlling horizontal beam width to 250 Hz by using DSP. The XLD281 can be used in tri-amp mode, or in bi-amp using a sophisticated internal passive network.
Designed for use in arrays of four or more elements the XLD281 delivers full bandwidth audio with precise, predictable coverage control. Integrated rigging with hinge points located correctly between array elements is simple to use and quickly provides uncompromised line array performance. Ground stacking is easily done using array rails or subwoofers as the array base

xlc127DVX_large copy

18 CABINETS Electrovoice XLC 127 DVX

The Xlc DVX loudspeaker is a component used in multiples to create a XLC line array. 
Starting with a minimum of four cabinets, a reasonable array size uses six to eight boxes, up to a maximum of 16 for larger arenas. The three-way axis-asymmetric design includes a single EV DL-12 low-frequency/mid-bass woofer optimized for this cabinet. Two 6.5” horn-loaded drivers in a vertical array comprise the mid-frequency bandpass.
The XLC127 DVX utilizes two ND6 (3” voice-coil) neodymium compression drivers loaded on two Hydra™ plane wave generators. With a horizontal coverage of 120°, the XLC system accurately covers wide areas while maintaining excellent imaging and lobe-free coverage. The XLC127 DVX is equipped with an internal x-over for mid-bass and high-frequency to allow for either biamp or triamp operation.
The Xlci version is designed for permanent installation applications with specially designed mounting hardware for easy cost effective hanging.


4 SUB CABINETS Electrovoice QRX 218S

Dual 18-inch sub with 1,200 watt continuous, 4,800 watts peak power handling.Easily delivers 133 dB SPL 1 w/1 m (139 dB peaks 1 w/1 m) at full power Two concert-proven EVX180B woofers with 4-inch voice coils have incredible fatigue resistance and excellent long-term reliability. Usable response extends to 31 Hz. Enclosure is built of 13-ply, void-free, grain-oriented Birch plywood finished in Futura, a sprayed-on polyurethane finish that is very rugged. Available in black or white. Standard versions of the QRx218S are equipped with rear-mounted pocket wheels and handles to allow one person to comfortably move the enclosure. The standard versions also have a metal stand socket and are shipped with a 34-inch steel pole for elevating satellite speakers. The QRx218S is available with L-track rigging as a special order option. The rigging versions have L-track on the top and bottom plus a single-stud pull-up point on the back. The rigging versions do not come with wheels or a stand mount.

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